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The Australasian College of Cutaneous Oncology provides training and education to improve and certify competency in the management of skin cancer. Our policy is that no pharmaceutical company shall be permitted to sponsor or endorse any event, function or workshop in any manner.  This creates a truly unique and unbiased learning environment.

February 2017 - Sentinel node update

Draft Australasian guidelines on melanoma management are being produced. The draft guidelines on SNB fall so short of a sound evidence based document with suitable recommendations as to be unacceptable. The ACCO board have reviewed the guidelines and have provided advice for SNB guidelines. We have published our major concerns in the British Journal of Dermatology. Read our manuscript here.

New AJCC Staging for melanoma

November 2016 - New skin excision item numbers

The Australian item numbers for skin lesion excision have been totally overhauled. ACCO has produced a 'ready reckoner'. We suggest you print out both page 1 and 2 in colour, laminate the two pages back to back and have this quick guide available in your procedure room and office. We have also updated our flap and graft guide to accommodate the new item number system.

ACCO 'ready reckoner' page 1 ACCO 'ready reckoner' page 2

November 2016 - The "melanoma blood test"

ACCO has been asked to explain the 'new' melanoma blood test that has been in the media. It is not the test that the media have depicted.

Find out the details here

allmedic.org.au - Info on our Allmedic research here

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In 2016 ACCO researchers published new research on the methods and outcomes of different methods of teaching skin cancer surgery.  ACCO published a perspective on sentinel node biopsy in the British J of Dermatology in 2016. 


ACCO does not accept any funding from Governments, Universities or the Pharmaceutical industry. ACCO uses revenue from workshops to fund our ongoing research programs. Even our published drug trials were completed without drug company funding. ACCO regards true independence as critical. Even funding from Governments is tainted.. Governments have a vested interest in cheaper treatments or no treatments working as well as expensive methods. Without Government influence, ACCO research has often found that no treatment is superior to expensive treatments. 


ACCO does not pay any of its Directors. ACCO researchers volunteer their time and expertise. After costs are met for running ACCO events, research administration and programs, all profits are donated to independent medical research. 

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