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The Australasian College of Cutaneous Oncology provides training and education to improve and certify competency in the management of skin cancer. Our policy is that no pharmaceutical company shall be permitted to sponsor or endorse any event, function or workshop in any manner.  This creates a truly unique and unbiased learning environment.

allmedic.org.au - Info on our Allmedic research here

ACCO Directors were paid $2,352 by Allmedic. ACCO and its directors do not accept pharmaceutical company money under any circumstances. An appointed independent funds manager determined that this money should be donated to the St Vincent's Foundation to further cancer research. Pictured below is ACCO Chair Dr. Stuart Anderson presenting Mr. Bill Younger, Foundation Director with this money.

ACCO donates to St Vincents foundation

August 2015 ACCO news update here

American Mohs Surgery Trial here

The ACCO Mission

1) Workshops of quality  for doctors & nurses

2) Examine competence in managing skin cancer

3) Convene biennial skin cancer conference

4) Donate all proceeds over costs to medical research and education

5) All with the highest standards of impartiality

ACCO Certifications Pathway

Certificate in Primary Skin Cancer Medicine
Diploma  in Skin Cancer Surgery (DACCO)
• Certificate in Advanced Dermoscopy
Advanced  Diploma is skin cancer surgery
Fellow  of ACCO


ACCO research programs are ongoing. In 2015, ACCO's first published research is our manuscript details the post procedural pain of PDT compared with surgery. This comparison found that patient's experienced considerably more pain following face PDT than major face surgical procedures. The research was published in the February Edition of Journal Of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. The abstract can be found here.

In April 2014 ACCO published our randomized controlled trial in Dermatologic Surgery regarding whether PDT to the face of those who have suffered skin cancer would prevent further skin cancers. We found there was no preventative advantage to PDT. The abstract can be found here. ACCO comments on the lack of regulatory approval of Australia placing Australians at risk of dangerous skin treatments.

In 2014 a related manuscript detailing the adverse events of non TGA approved PDT was published in Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. The abstract can be found here.

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